Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Squeezing the pig... Or not.

I'm just not ready to divulge the insights of the pig. You'll have to deal with this.

After years of trying to put my finger on the "problem" with this wonderful country, I've finally figured it out. There is one blaring problem with our society. So enormous, so all-encompassing, so draining to our society, to our government, so impossible to live without (for now), that I can't believe it took me this long to figure it out. Everyone in this country, legal, illegal, black, white, red, yellow, living and sometimes dead has probably dealt with elevated blood pressure due to this entity. It costs taxpayers hundreds annually, directly, and perhaps thousands indirectly. It costs the government a possibly astronomical amount of dough. Every year, perhaps every six months or less, they try to raise revenue to "get out of the red". Every year, perhaps every six months it doesn't work. The truth is, it never will. Any guesses?

The USPS is this mucho grande villain. They tempt us with pretty stamps that cost what, $0.42, no wait, that was two weeks ago. Now those same stamps are worthless unless you go and buy a $0.02 stamp to make them work again. I wonder how much it costs to produce a 2 cent stamp? I can't imagine it costs nothing. Lets just imagine that a 2 cent stamp costs 1 cent to print. Then that 2 cent stamp that is only worth 1 cent to the USPS has to be sold to consumers. Someone has to be paid to sell that stamp to the consumer. That person, undoubtedly, is unionized. So, someone making $30 an hour is selling this 2 cent stamp that is only worth 1 cent to the USPS. If the average transaction takes 2 minutes to complete (HAHA) at the Post Office, that employee was just paid $.10 to sell those particular 2 cent stamps. So, just to break even on the 2 cent stamps they have to sell 10 2 cent stamps. Now, if most people are like me, they probably buy as few stamps as they have to because they know they'll be nearly worthless in six months, most people are going to only buy a few at a time. Now, I've been in line at the post office a few times in my life. Not once have I ever been in and out in 2 minutes. Every second that someone is wasting selling a 2 cent stamp puts the USPS further in debt. This is a never ending cycle. The good thing is, if everyone just bought "forever" stamps we could end this cycle in a few years. Buy them now. Don't ever buy a stamp again. What would they do then? If no one needed to buy stamps because they had "forever" stamps, how could they raise revenues?

Now, at the beginning I said that this was the "one" blaring problem with our country. The point is, that if the government has their hands in it, it's going to fail unless they "steal" our money to "bail" it out. It applies to everything the government does. If Chrysler was going to fail before, they're going to descend to the depths of hell now. If Citibank was going to fail before, well, you get the idea. Now, with all that said, who wants government controlled health care?


PS- Apparently the only place you can get a 2 cent stamp is the post office. The sane business entities realize there is no money selling a 2 cent stamp...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

squeezing the pig will get here... eventually, I promise

Spectator...  Arlen Spectator.

Won't that be amusing. 

That's all.

Go Toomey.

(It's evil, but i found myself wondering the other day if Specter was afraid of Toomey because it was so close to "tumor".)