Friday, July 30, 2010

How to get rich (and piss me off) in a litigious society.

I'm sure there's something that someone hasn't thought of yet. Hot coffee, nope, been done. Slippery floor, nope, been done. "Accidental" accident (insurance fraud), nope, been done. These things have been tried, and ridiculously, succeeded. What can I do to make millions of dollars these days? I know, medical malpractice. It's been done before you say. I know I say. But, there is nothing in place to stop it from happening again. Why? We have signs warning us of slippery floors, signs warning us that the hot coffee is, get this, HOT. All of these signs it seems these days come in two flavors, English and Spanish. Sometimes we get German and French. So, after years of driving malpractice insurance through the roof because of malpractice, we still have no control over frivolous lawsuits in the medical and drug fields. Anyone remember Vioxx? I took it. I loved it. I can't understand why I can't have pain relief because someone with a heart condition that I don't have died from Vioxx. So, instead, I live with pain that isn't necessary. Thanks everyone in this wonderful litigious society. So, if you're looking to get rich the easy way, just have as many surgeries as you possibly can in the shortest amount of time. Better yet, schedule eight surgeries at the same time, chances are one of the surgeons will forget something somewhere and you'll wake up setting off metal detectors. Even better, maybe they'll leave something soft inside you (less irritating) and you can get an unprecedented sum of moolah. If anyone succeeds in doing this, please let me know how to get the appointments for the doctors\surgeons, because I can't even seem to get an appointment. Once, recently, I had a scheduled appointment for almost four months out, and halfway there the office called and canceled it. It seems the doctor they had slated to see me didn't even work there yet and wouldn't be there for yet another month. My entire family goes to the doctor and doesn't see a doctor. We see Physician's Assistants. I'm not saying that they aren't knowledgeable or able, I'm just saying that we pay the same amount as if we were seeing a doctor. And, we can't get appointments. With that said, how will Obamacare help with these situations? I can't imagine it will. I fully expect more delays in care, less options and longer lines. Ask anyone from a country where socialized utopian medicine already exists. At this point, I'd probably be happy paying my medical bills from my wallet rather than through an insurance. Insurance companies seem to mess things up. Wait, it's the litigious society that messes things up. Remember how doctors came to the house in old movies? Maybe if the doctors started doing that again, they could turn the tables on the litigious society by "accidentally" falling on the stairs and suing the patient. That would be righteous. Stay tuned for an important announcement from my sponsor Commiecare (the Health Care that does you dead).


Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Great Indoctrination Debate of 2010

I'm starting to wonder which is worse, a talking point or a talking head. At first it seems after the first 8 billion times I've heard a "point" that the "point" must be worse. Then I hear the hollow please everyone approach of nearly every politician out there. Then I think that the heads are worse. Then I hear Barack Obama. And, at that point I realize that what's worse than either is a talking head talking their talking points. I'm so sick of hearing how many jobs we would have been lost had the Obama Express done nothing. I'm so sick of hearing how greedy the wealthy are. I'm super sick of hearing how the haves must give to the have nots. Now on the cusp of expiring "Bush" tax cuts I think that talking points don't make sense. I think that the leftist indoctrination is flawed. Here is the way I see it: It takes grand amounts of liberal think tanks hours and days and months upon end to figure out the best way to do things. It takes country folk about 5 minutes. Why does it seem that students are tirelessly indoctrinated in college? My wife is a reformed socialist former socialism major. She can't understand why liberals can't use common sense. If you have no money, we think, go get a job. If you have no money and no skills, we think, go get some skills. If you have no money and no job and no skills and no desire to find skills, we think, then suffer. We (my wife and I) are honorable caring people. We don't WANT anyone to suffer, but won't prevent them if they so choose. We don't want anyone to be poor. We also don't want anyone to sponge the system. Common sense tells us that there are very few people who have no skills. There are however, some people it seems, with no skills and no desire to learn them, hence welfare. Now, the Bush cuts seem to be something that are worth hanging onto. It seems, with my limited economic training, that more money in the hands of people will do more to turn a recession around than anything else. Why then would the left want them to expire? Perhaps, I believe anyway, it's because the EVIL wealthy people get more from the tax cuts. Interesting isn't it? If a "wealthy" person gets a tenth more money to play with, and a middle class person gets a tenth more to play with, and the poor don't pay taxes in the first place, where's the problem? The problem I suppose is once again, the poor poor people who don't have money or skills. We live in the most fantastic place on earth. Find something to sell (that's legal). Sing on a street corner. For God's sake, panhandle, some of them people make a killing. Keep your hands off the money that I slave my rear off for. Those of you who know me understand that. Create something. Come up with an idea. Poor people can think can't they? There are more than 16 ways to skin a cat. Figure it out. Leave my bank account (under my mattress next to the 9mm in the near future I'm afraid) alone. If the president, the speaker of the house, and the majority leader of the senate fall off a cliff, who is saved? Nobody, the vice president takes over and talks the talking head's talking points.


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Monday, July 26, 2010

Heifers in heat will stand for anything...

Will you? Will the person you vote for? I was reading an article and trying to decipher the bottom line. Apparently, the bottom line is "Democrats will stand for anything to get them elected". Now that thing is gun rights and the NRA. The NRA is sending more money than ever to democrats, up over three times since W and Gore. That's interesting. I wonder how much research they(the NRA) have done on these fair weather friends. I have a friend that works there. I'll ask. Either way, doesn't it seem that when the times get tough the democrats change their minds to fit their desired base? Don't get me wrong, the Republicans will do the same thing. I just think that given the two choices, you should vote for neither. Libertarians stand for things that aren't popular. They have stood and probably always will stand for them. That's what I want. I want elected officials that will stand for the same things over and over and over. I don't want heifers representing me in Congress. I don't want a heifer in the White House. I especially don't want a heifer in the White House who talks. And, I really don't want a heifer in the White House who tells me that "it could be worse". If you want a heifer to represent you as an elected official, vote for 4250, at least she has nice legs.


PS- Immediately after posting this particular post, I found a clip that says O will be a guest on "The View". No further comment necessary, at least not if you read the title. Maybe next he can appear on the "JOY"ful heifer show.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chopsticks and Fiscal Solvency

How exactly can I relate chopsticks and fiscal solvency? I wasn't sure I could. But I'm going to. We had Chinese food tonight. I enjoy eating my Chinese food the way an authentic China Person would do it. I like to use chopsticks to shovel it into my mouth from a bowl. I have two toddlers. They like to do what Daddy does. Have you ever tried to teach toddlers how to use chopsticks? My guess is, for most of you, no. It's nearly impossible. It's fun, interesting, and impossible. After feeding them holding their hands on the chopsticks, I realized it would never end. At least, it probably won't end until they possess the fine motor skills required for chopstick usage. I suppose it's to be expected that a toddler wouldn't comprehend the use of chopsticks, but is it too much to ask that our federal government understand fiscal solvency? Fiscal is defined as: 1. Of or relating to government expenditures, revenues, and debt: ie. a fiscal policy of incurring budget deficits to stimulate a weak economy. 2. Of or relating to finance or finances. Solvency is defined as: 1. Capability of meeting financial obligations. Together they invoke fear it seems to all of the lawmakers who have served in the last century. Why is it that you and I need to live a fiscally solvent life to provide for our families, but the government can continually tax us to live a fiscally non-solvent existence? The fiscally non-solvent USA can exist for only a finite amount of time. Eventually the non-solvency will have creditors calling in debts and the US Government won't be able to pay them. What happens when that happens? That's an interesting question. I hope not to find out. This year when the midterm elections come rolling around, think chopsticks. Think fiscal solvency. Think spend less. Think libertarian. We know that the last nearly two decades of pubs and crats haven't even come close to solvency.


PS- the definitions for fiscal and solvency were from the It's interesting the
example they used for fiscal isn't it?

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Minority Rules and the Banana Express

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I went to the grocery store tonight. I needed bananas, just bananas, nothing but bananas. I went to checkout and there were lines everywhere. Two actual manned (or womaned) registers and three self checkout registers operating. Lines everywhere. I was partially irritated. There were about fifteen more registers that weren't operating. Why I wondered is no one operating these registers? I can't understand why there was no one working at any of the other registers. Because I only wanted bananas, now I was really getting agitated. I needed the bananas for my son who has diarrhea. I just wanted to get the freaking bananas and leave and console him. It led me to the thought that they should have a banana express lane. A lane that is open 24hrs, 7 days, year round to purchase nothing but bananas. It was an idea that amused me. I actually shared the thought with a lumberjack looking gentleman behind me and he too, thought it was funny. We shared our laugh. Then, on my short drive home from the grocer, I realized that this anecdote was actually becoming reality in my country. We the people are catering to the minority. We the people are allowing legislation to become law when the majority oppose it. I'm certain that our representative republic isn't supposed to work this way. How long will it take until we have specialized lines at the doctor? How long will it be until there are specialized welfare programs and specialized unemployment benefits? How long will it be until the people that work and pay the taxes for these government handouts can't get into line because they aren't specialized enough to fit into one of those lines? Let's remember that in a pseudodemocracy the will of the people is the law of the land. Let's vote our belief in the Constitution. Let's restore our Republic under God. Let's show Washington what happens when they vote the minority special lines. Mid term elections are coming sooner than we think. Remember to vote against every lily livered, feel good, frankly sickening liberal out there. We started by tossing Specter out. Good Job PA!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Only in the Land of Obama

Lincoln is probably clawing his way out of his grave as we speak. Our first republican president would probably like to lay a smackdown on many in his state, and some in DC who came from there. I just read an article about an "obesity" tax. Come on. Don't obese people already have enough taxes? on their heart, their legs, their life in general? Someone somewhere thinks that IF we make sweet things more expensive, there'd be less obesity? Just like taxing cigarettes makes people stop smoking, just like taxing gasoline makes people quit driving, just like taxing property makes people want to stop owning? Wake up silly liberals. Stop taxing. Taxing is just a way to control the people who elected you more. More money in the citizens hands means less money in the governments hands, which is fantastic. More money in our citizens hand means more money in the economy which leads to a faster economic recovery. I'm not an economist. I'm not a socialist. I'm not an anti-government radical. I'm a government in it's place radical. It's place is serving you and me and the MAJORITY, not the minority (remember health care legislation anyone?). Stop trying to tax us into submission, remember what happened to jolly ole England?

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Monday, July 12, 2010

The opaquest translucence ever...

Is anyone confused? I know I sure am. I thought NASA's mission was the winning of Muslim hearts and minds. Now the WH says no. Interesting isn't it? How many days ago did Charlie tell Al Jazeera of his adminimuslistrations new responsibility? It's been way too many days for the WH to sit and say nothing. Obviously there has been some fallout because of Charlie's statements. Now, we're watching the play by play unfold via the WH as if Charlie never opened his mouth. Wasn't BO the guy who would let us in? He was the guy that told us he'd not hide things. I think he lied. So, Bush lied, troops died. What happens when O lies? He does it so much more often. I'm afraid. Maybe citizens die when O lies. Just tell us the damn truth. Better yet, don't do anything we didn't approve beforehand, then it won't ever be a surprise. People generally don't like surprises much when their own money was used to fund them. Stop O now.

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