Sunday, November 15, 2009

Trial this on for size...

Maybe everyone is jumping a tad too fast to challenge the "NYC trials" of the terrorists from 9-11. When we injure ourselves, we have pain. After that injury, when we do something to aggravate that injury, we remember that we have that pain. Every time we forget, we do something asinine and end up re-injuring ourselves. So, that pain is important. It helps us to keep from doing the same thing over and over and over. I think we as Americans have forgotten the pain and sadness associated with that fateful day. Bringing the terrorists back to the scene of the "crime", and allowing them to spew their anti-American rhetoric, their Wahhabi insanity, and show their lack of remorse, may just remind our great country that we've been hurt, that we still have pain, and can still feel it. It may indeed serve to remind us that we are all Americans, and maybe once again we can bond together in the face of Islamic Extremism like in the post 9-11 USA. Perhaps, this one act of lunacy by our "esteemed" president will work out in our favor.

Side note: I do not agree that these trials should be considered "criminal". They were and continue to be ACTS OF WAR.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I need a fallout shelter...

What happens when Nadal jacknut Hasan whatever his name is decides to tell the truth about his "rampage". Wait, that won't happen, we can't force him to do anything against his will. But let's imagine for a minute that he does tell us. Let's suppose he tells us that we're infidels, that we support the jews, that his god told him to kill us. Kill the infidels. When those words spew forth, and other rancid filth from the mouth that spake "Allahu Akbar", will it then be a terrorist act? I guess it probably won't. It would be politically incorrect to call a member of our military a terrorist. But mostly I think we can't call an "American" muslim a terrorist. We can't do anything to unpopularize our country in the global world. Let me reminisce of my history lessons. When we were involved in our first war as the USofA, we had no friends. We had France. *Chuckles* France only helped us because they hated England more than bad wine and rotten cheese. We didn't care what Prussia thought, what China thought, what the penguins in the antarctic thought, we were doing what was best for us. Years later we become the greatest country on Earth. We still are, temporarily. The longer we cater to the minority\minorities that want us to bend twist and tiptoe around everything we stand for, the faster we become just another country on this planet. The faster we become poor, miserable, and UNpopular. Remember, there was a time when most of the world loved the good ole USA. We still send more aid to more places than any other country on this planet, whether it has to do with tax credits or not has no bearing, and yet more and more of these "aid accepting" cultures like us less and less. I say screw em. Let em starve. They don't want our help, we'll keep it for ourselves. So now, after years of political correctness, are we more popular? We're about as popular as a hemorrhoid for a sprinter. I don't care if people that I've never met like me. Do you?

On a side note, I am aware of a situation in Philadelphia regarding animal rights activists. It seems that it doesn't matter how little damage they cause up to a point, but as soon as a slogan is used it becomes jurisdiction for the FBI, and an act of "domestic terrorism". Is Allah Akbar a slogan for jihadist Islamist terrorists? You be the judge.

"You can call him Barack Obama, I'll call him 'the reason history will be kind to 'W''" JMF

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I must be crazy.

What motive? Why are we still looking for a motive. He was wearing a prayer robe and towel. He Shouted Allah Akbar! For goodness sake. If someone walked into a crowded room wearing a white sheet and a pointy hat and shot people up, and one, just one black man was killed, would we still be looking for a motive? This is insanity. In this situation do we really need to look for a motive? Will everyone in this country start to hate Muslims because of this man? I don't know, I doubt it. When the lunatic shot all those people at VT he was Asian. Do we hate all Asians? Let's call a spade a spade.

Addendum follows:


New thoughts. Whether or not this "man" is a radical muslim terrorist, I believe we should do our best to keep him alive and in a vegetative state, thereby eliminating the chances of martyrdom and the possibility of 72 virgins. Maybe if instead of killing our "enemy combatants" from now on we continue with this. How many radical Islamists would risk vegetation for their "cause"? Is this a new avenue for cryogenics?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

No Blog...

I was going to discuss a write in cross country campaign, another time. May the Peace that passes all human understanding be with you Fort Hood.