Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Anti-Capitalism pisses me off...

Since Christmas (that's the big holiday- for you fascist liberals) we've been pointing fingers and playing the blame game about this attempted terrorist act. Thank God it was only attempted. But, however you deal the cards, this is our government's fault. I don't care if it was the CIA, FBI, DHS, or Napolitano or Obama, the point is, it's our fault for allowing the government to control too much. I keep hearing that if a or b or c would have been in place by the NTSB or whatever stupid acronym is in charge of flight issues, this wouldn't have happened. I think rather, if the idiotic acronyms didn't exist, it wouldn't have happened. If free market were unimpeded in the airline industry, each airline would be responsible for the safety of its customers. Then, there would be someone to blame. Also, if they were in charge, there would be no questions about it, there would be full body scans of all passengers, maybe even dogs sniffing each and every passenger before they board the plane. Why? Because it is their business at stake, their name at stake, and IF something "untoward" happened, they'd lose business, and probably their entire business. They'd also tell people that wanted to buy tickets for their planes how it was, and if they didn't like it, fly with econo-air and take your own chances. The government, while in charge of airline safety, takes no responsibility for "accidents" acts of terrorism or acts of God, and can't be sued penniless for failure to provide what is expected. An airline can and would be. Free market is the answer to the war formerly known as the "war on terror". It is what Islamic jihadists hate the most about our culture, and should be the winning weapon for our side.