Saturday, August 15, 2009

Question for all...

In bartering societies, which still do exist, and used to exist exclusively in this world, what do\did people with nothing to barter do for food? for healthcare?

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Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm endangered, and so are you.

My wife told me today that a number of beaches in the OBX are closed. I was thinking that maybe they were doing some "reconstruction" or "rehabilitation" to make them more inviting. Apparently that's not true. It seems "they" have cordoned off the shore to protect a threatened specie and or species. While I believe that nature is beautiful, and I appreciate nature as much as anyone, I also tend to think of myself as part of nature. Aren't I? Maybe I'm not. Perhaps I'm artificial. Perhaps I'm not subject to "survival of the fittest". Maybe on this particular Earth, in this particular galaxy, in this particular cosmos, in this particular reality, I'm wrong. I'm the one who isn't held to the normal order of nature. I'm above it I suppose. I'm held to a loftier pupose. So perhaps I should yield to the silly freaking bird that wants to make it's nest on a beach I enjoy "shelling" on. But, if I want to be on that beach, and the bird loses, am I not the fittest? I think the Audobon Society, PETA, ALF and all the other ridiculous organizations out there that want to put the "rights" of animals above the rights of people need to realize one thing. PEOPLE are ANIMALS. People are members with full priveleges and rights thereof of KINGDOM ANIMALIA. We are more intelligent (some of us anyway), than the rest of that category, so if that makes us more fit, so be it. Who says that the way things are aren't the way they're supposed to be? Maybe that bird on that beach for that summer on the OBX is the next vector for the next superflu that wipes out mankind. Some things are supposed to be exticnt. Ever imagine what would happen if dinosaurs wanted to be in Tokyo? Oh, wait, you have, Godzilla. My point here is this: There is one and only one of me. There is one and only one of you. I'm endangered, and, you're endangered. I think I'm going to lobby my congressman for protection via the endangered speicies act, and because my senator is a democrat (Spector) I may just get it =).


PS- I wonder if Congress and any of those crazy liberals in those insane animal rights groups can do anything about hurricanes that may destroy the habitat of those aforementioned silly freaking birds...