Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to the United States of America

God Blessed the USA
We’re Cursing it

What a wonderful opportunity I have to celebrate our 234th anniversary. Look at how far we’ve come in one of the shortest spans of a civilization in history. We’ve innovated, created, inspired, and driven the world for the greatest part of the modern era. Now, looking forward from 2010 it is my wish and hopefully, a common goal, to continue to lead the world in innovation, creation, inspiration and drive. By taking a look at some of the impediments to these leading characteristics, I hope to persuade you to\toward my\our common goals.

Islam, the “religion of peace” has taken the forefront of our modern day political world. There are two fronts of this battle, the progressive “everything goes” and the traditional\conservative “not on my watch”. Which shall we take? I am not a believer in hating anyone for their clothing or skin or even choices. Perhaps, choices should not be included in the last statement. When a choice determines the life and death of countless US citizens, do we not need to take a stand? Is it “fair” (to use a progressive term in a conservative statement) to allow all comers when a significant proportion of terrorists of this country conform to Islam? At some point we need to draw some lines, enforce those lines and stand firm in our boundaries.

Boundaries- According to Merriam Webster a boundary is something that indicates or fixes a limit or extent. According to the vast majority of “secular progressives”, it seems, boundaries are fictitious and fluid. If we cannot hold boundaries for territory that our noble citizens shed blood for hundreds of years ago, how can we possibly win a war against a faceless population of people who dislike “western society”? Firm foundations start in the home, our home is the fifty states. Control them. Uncontrolled borders (boundaries) leave the base camp open for raid. Would Patton or MacArthur have allowed enemies into their quarters during their respective wars?

Wars I believe should have clear objectives. If those clear objectives cannot be met, don’t go to war. We have gone halfway across the world twice in recent memory for full-scale military conflicts with “escalations” on emotions. We have gone to fight peoples who aren’t friendly to Americans for the most part, on any level. They have fairly limited educations, weapons, and strong belief in the afterlife. Were these smart moves? The final question about war is this: What prevents a nation from landing on our shores and waging battle here?

Guns. The Second Amendment, the Coast Guard, the Reserves, and every other United States loving citizen out there. Other nation states have not waged war on our home front because they are aware that we are prepared. Could we be more prepared? Yes, we could have stopped 9-11. In this troubled time in our global world should we be limiting our citizen’s rights to protect themselves? Thank God for the NRA, and for Charlton Heston. And, “you can have my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hand”.

Interesting the way our government tries to pry things from our hands isn’t it? Sometimes they don’t even pry it. They make it disappear. Inflation is a prime culprit of the vanishing money act. The government has controls in place to counteract inflation, but would it not be better to stop initiating it in the first place? By printing more currency (above and beyond the normal replacement rate, and beyond what we can cover) they drive the price of our dollar down on the global market. All of the sudden we have less money to buy the decreasing amount of goods that are manufactured and sold here. It is high time to figure out a common sense economically sound way to run our hopefully much smaller government and encourage manufacturing and innovation and entrepreneurship again. Perhaps it is time to ponder the writings of Adam Smith again.

Adam Smith, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and John Adams would be ashamed. There are instructions that were left for us. They have endured for hundreds of years only to be distorted by the leftist rhetoric in recent years. Have we forgotten our founding documents ( ie. The Constitution)? If we have problems interpreting the document, maybe we should consult the Federalist Papers (more or less instructions for the interpretation of the Constitution). This would be a fantastic way to make sense of what we should be doing. Maybe we aren’t reading these documents because we can’t read.

Can we read? Are our schools teaching us everything we need to survive? In 2010 I am amazed that we are still graduating pupils from high school who lack the necessary ingredients for integration into the workforce. If homeschooling can achieve these goals, why is it regulated against? I graduated from a public high school, but have no problem with homeschooling. How can it be that homeschooling is under attack from the left? Is it because homeschooled pupils cannot be indoctrinated? Is it because only public common good mandates can teach us how to live peacefully with those who are different than us?

Differences should be celebrated. Differences should not be forced into assimilation. I am the only person I know who is just like me. I don’t want to have anyone else in the world just like me. I don’t want to be cloned or forced to be just like anyone else. Isn’t that why the USA is here? This Independence Day let’s take the time to celebrate our freedoms the way our Founding Father’s wanted us to celebrate. By loving and nurturing our country and keeping our freedoms free and by nurturing our free thought and our free words without the constrictions of political correctness and forced assimilation, we can make our founding fathers smile again. Let’s go forth on this 234th anniversary of the greatest place on earth and bring back everything that made us great innovators, creators, leaders and inspirers.

Jason M. Fetzer

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Friday, June 25, 2010

I just don't understand

Why is there an article on Fox News online about our wonderful President and Lady GaGa and their number of Facebook friends? Do we really want our president to be more popular than anyone besides Michael Jackson? I don't want my President to be popular. I want him to lead. I want him to protect. I want him to not be popular. I want him to stay out of the limelight. I don't want Michael Jackson or Lady GaGa to be president. Our country has gone insane. Who would friend that ID 10 T? I think we need to amend the Constitution to limit presidential contenders\presidents to less than 500 Facebook Friends. That's fair isn't it? If at any point before the presidency, during the campaign, or during the presidency they reach 501 Facebook Friends they automatically forfeit the campaign or presidency. Or, maybe, we should have some kind of Facebook socialism where the "friend" leaders have to siphon off some of their friends for those of us who have less, or what about those of us who don't even have Facebook pages?

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hypocritic Oath

What exactly is our CIC trying to prove? It seems every day that he's more out of touch with everyone else. The WH is furious with BP's CEO for attending a yacht race with his family (presumably something that was planned) and BO can take the night to wear an opposing teams ball cap and watch the Nat's phenom pitch another fantastic game, and avoid doing "the wave". Mr. President, where were you on Memorial Day? Oh, you took your daughters to Chicago. Fine, I'm actually mostly OK with that, but Mr. Obama, please watch the walls of your glass house with those boulders.

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