Sunday, November 15, 2009

Trial this on for size...

Maybe everyone is jumping a tad too fast to challenge the "NYC trials" of the terrorists from 9-11. When we injure ourselves, we have pain. After that injury, when we do something to aggravate that injury, we remember that we have that pain. Every time we forget, we do something asinine and end up re-injuring ourselves. So, that pain is important. It helps us to keep from doing the same thing over and over and over. I think we as Americans have forgotten the pain and sadness associated with that fateful day. Bringing the terrorists back to the scene of the "crime", and allowing them to spew their anti-American rhetoric, their Wahhabi insanity, and show their lack of remorse, may just remind our great country that we've been hurt, that we still have pain, and can still feel it. It may indeed serve to remind us that we are all Americans, and maybe once again we can bond together in the face of Islamic Extremism like in the post 9-11 USA. Perhaps, this one act of lunacy by our "esteemed" president will work out in our favor.

Side note: I do not agree that these trials should be considered "criminal". They were and continue to be ACTS OF WAR.

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  1. Bringing these cowards to NYC for trial will not remind us of that fatefull day, nor bring this country back to the immediate post 9/11 attitude. Sure, we will watch them rattle their swords and shout praise to Allah and it will piss us off and who knows maybe cause a riot or two, but it will not remind us of how we felt on 9/12. We will not hold hands with our neighbors put american flags on our cars or "God Bless America" signs in our yards. We have become too numb to the thought, concern and word terrorism. I pray that this great country never has to go through that again and like every american, put faith in our leaders (as little faith as that may be considering our current leaders) and the brave service men and women to protect us. Having the trial "at the scene of the crime" will only motivate and inspire their followers as they laugh, rant and show no remorse as they stand before the families of those who died that day. We don't need to even publicize a trial or have it at a specific location, hell for that matter even have a trial. I wan't to hear on the news one night that they have been executed. Thats good enough for me.