Saturday, January 2, 2010

Congress pisses me off...

In keeping with the theme for the last week, congress pisses me off. *small c for congress is purposeful, they don't deserve a title* Did you know that there has been a bill introduced to make TV commercials less intrusive? The essence of the bill is that if you're watching a somber episode of American Idol (rolls eyes), there cannot be an "explosive" commercial immediately following that segment. I suppose conversely we may want to explore having wild, loud, annoying commercials following performances by "alternative" past american idol winners. Is this what congress is for? I don't remember this in the constitution, and I think its quite a stretch to consider invasive loud commercials a "threat foreign or domestic". So please congress, don't worry about TV, football, or baseball, worry about our economy, our safety, and our sacred constitution. Better yet, worry about nothing, let the constitution stand as law like its done for hundreds of years, and allow our country to thrive once again, and to lead this world to new heights as we've done for hundreds of years. Thank you Anna Eshoo ;-) from California of course, those pols are so out of touch.

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