Friday, February 11, 2011

Mubarak Obama: Dictators in Chief

Sounds alright doesn't it?  I can't believe we just sit around and watch as our entire world is crumbling before us.  32 years ago Jimmy and the Shah couldn't get along so we ended up with Ahmadinejad and the Guard (a good name for heavy metal band).  Now we just let Mubarak fall and another "ally" of ours in the middle east is gone. In 32 years we'll have our own Muslim Brotherhood (rap perhaps) thorn in our side.  Thanks O.  We appreciate it.  So do the Saudis (a good name for an ally) (hint hint Mr. Obama), so do the Israelis (an even better name for an ally).  Just so Mr. O understands, those last two sentences were intended satirically.  I used to think Michael Savage was a right wing extreme nutjob, but I'm starting to think he's our only hope.  Between Glenn's preparations for Armeggedon and the Savage Nation preparation for rhetorical (only we hope) war against Islam, I really don't think there should be doubt that most (non-progressive) Americans will be prepared.  Thanks Mike, Thanks Glenn.  I'm now forcing my wife to can food.  Here's the Savage take on the Egypt Crisis.  Let us not forget that Hosni was a dictator, but he was our dictator, and the next "president" will not be.  Where exactly can we rendite our POWs for fingernail pulling now?


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