Saturday, April 18, 2009

Can we?

Can we survive without the government? Can you survive without them? Is it necessary to have people watching over us that make tens of thousands of dollars a year more than their average constituent?

Yes. Yes. No and Yes.

Governments are not necessary for life. You and I can survive without them. However, the last answer is more difficult to fathom.

You and I, personally, can live, even in harmony, without a "ruling" body above us. Problems arise when those we interact with live outside of the "normal", the "humane", the "moral" if you will. Laws are important for society. Society is important for the individual. Because we live in an ever increasingly "global" world, government is a neccesary evil. Our government is important to share our views on world wide events. The question we need to ask is: "Does our government's position adequately share our view?" The answer to that question, for me at least, is an emphatic resounding "NO". When my government is led by a man who has ignored or voted against nearly every "moral", conservative issue put before him, I'm afraid we've gone astray. How has someone who is greatly different from me been elected? I'm pretty sure their are more like me out there. Or, maybe everyone is just hanging up their gloves and stepping out of the ring. Is it alright to abort a child because there is developmental problems? Remember, those people who have chosen to abort the child, also chose to create him. I suppose the problem today is the lack of faith. The lack of belief. In anything.

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