Thursday, April 16, 2009

Insane thoughts for an insane time...

I love my children. I want them to learn. I want them to succeed. Therefore, I WILL allow them to fail.

That is a pretty simple statement, with weighty consequences. How do we learn anything? Now, I mean truly learn. My son (he's just over two) learned to say "hot" well before he understood what it meant. He learned the nuances of "hot" for the first time when he ate something "hot". He failed. He learned.

Back to the original statement. If those first four sentences are true (and I believe they are), what does that say about our government? Does our government love us? Do they even like us? Or, are they trying to "control" us? If they want us to succeed, do they not need to allow us to fail?

I grow more wary every day since the new "administration" has taken seat. I believe our government is now trying to create a dependent society to serve them. So unless we let our representatives know that we are displeased how will it change? I'd rather fail than be subservient.


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