Thursday, February 25, 2010

Circles of Socialism...

Don't be fooled. Please don't. The only reason we're not living in a socialist dictatorship now is because our benevolent "despot" can't get the troops to agree on which circle of socialism to progress to. If all of the minions and imps and the head devil himself agreed on taking this country to the ninth circle of socialism, we'd be communist. The health care summit meeting (farce) just proves it. Is anyone else worried? If I have a meeting with my boss because he wants to get my input and opinions on something, then he wants to incorporate my ideas, great, I'm all for it. However, if I have that meeting with my boss, then at the very end he says, oh, well, do it my way or I'll just do it without you, I think I'd be pretty upset. I guess in the next three years we just have to find out which circle we end in. I'm pretty sure we're in the eighth currently... FRAUD (barrators [or politicians?] in boiling pitch anyone?)


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