Saturday, February 27, 2010

RWE elitist... Eh?

I must have missed something. Did the Canadian women's ice hockey team finish last? They must have. I mean, why chastise their celebration, except that maybe they didn't win. I suppose if they had thumbed their collective noses at the losers, mooned them, or sang some less savory Queen lyrics, that would be unsportswomanlike, but champagne, beer and cigars? I don't get it (just for Julia). When a baseball team wins a championship, they douse each other with champagne, they don't even drink it. When a football team wins they waste gallons upon gallons of gatorade. These "girls" smoked a bit, drank a bit and just generally "whooped it up". Where's the problem? There weren't droves of gigolos (Julia, ask your mom... sorry Donna) waiting for them (at least that was televised), and as far as I can tell, no bongs or other forms or illegal substances involved in their celebration. Let them be. How old are they? College aged? Probably. Would we expect any less of an American team? Would any less be expected of any winning team in any major sport in the world? This was the world's largest stage and these young ladies proved themselves the best, so let them celebrate. I do however believe that driving the zamboni drunk may have be over the line, eh?


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