Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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A national debate is currently unfolding over the size of our federal
government. Simply stated ? do we want bigger or smaller government.
The United States is being torn apart by the very government we
elected to support and defend the Constitution. Progressive
Republican and Democratic administrations this decade have passed bill
after bill that have created an unsustainable debt and loss of
freedoms which will erode the very fabric of this country.
Self-reliance, Integrity, and Honesty mean nothing. Finding a way to
stay in power mean everything. Failure is being rewarded through
bailouts. Success is being punished through wealth redistribution.
Much of the wealth inequality we see is associated with individual
choice. How else do you explain varying wealth of siblings who grew
up in the same environment? Look at what happened in the housing
bubble collapse, Katrina, and the recent Tennessee floods. You cannot
rely on the government to protect you. Therefore, we need to begin to
analyze choices that impact our great nation.

Now it's time to make new individual choices. Do you support the lack
of accountability of government officials who have broken the law and
who are actively defying the Constitution? Do you support the
government taking away more individual freedom? Do you support the
ever hastening march to socialism? Do you support increasing
government spending adding to our trillion dollar debt and raising
taxes that will fail to pay down an unsustainable debt? If you do,
consider these plausible scenarios. Ethic issues abound in
government, including John Ensign, Tim Geitner, and Charlie Rangel to
name a few. We are a nation of laws. When those laws are broken by
anyone, they should be held accountable and punished accordingly.
Failure to do so will lead to an erosion of law and order. Increasing
taxes on businesses will result in higher consumer prices. Cap and
Trade will increase our energy prices. Cradle to the grave
entitlements will bankrupt the country, lead to complacency and
shackle the entrepreneurial spirit, resulting in slower economic growth.

If you need an example, simply look across the Atlantic.
European-style socialism is collapsing the European economy. Greece
is bankrupt, living far beyond her means with socialized health care
and excessive government salaries. The far-left and union protesters
are making a mockery of the once ancient intellectual capital of the
world and cradle of democracy. It is interesting to note that IMF's
demands for Greece's economic bailout include privatizing health care.
Spain, the purported model for the national green economy has
invested it's treasure into green technology, alternative energy
production, and jobs much the same way it plundered it's treasure in
the failed Spanish Armada. The result of the ?glorious cause?: 18.1%
unemployment, double the European Union average, and it is estimated
that for every green job, 2.2 other jobs are lost or not created.
Such policies are economically counterproductive. Great Britain's
massive debt will cause her economy to founder. Britain's recent
conservative victory indicates that the electorate is awakening to the
ever-greater debt burden. Perhaps there is hope.

If you need an example closer to home, look to California, where
entitlements have brought that state to the brink of economic
collapse. The strangling tax burden and higher energy costs increase
cost of production causing businesses to leave the state, leading to
higher unemployment. California has been well ahead of the federal
government in implementing progressive policies. Therefore, we need
to critically analyze the failures of that system before we make the
same mistake of implementing failed policies for the entire country
because, we simply can not afford it. Of course, a taxpayer-funded
bailout is on the way.

I sit here looking at my children wondering what their future will
hold. Will they have the same opportunities and the same freedoms to
make individual choices? Today's challenges are great. The decisions
we make today will direct the future of this nation.

Pro-business ideology

You do not need to raise taxes to raise revenue. When businesses
thrive and household incomes increase, which requires getting a job,
tax revenues increase. Taxpayers - businesses and citizens - are
leaving California in droves due to the higher production and living
expenses depriving that state of revenue. Likely, the California state
government is too inefficient and wastes tax-payer money because of
sheer size, corruption, and useless programs. The private-sector is
more efficient and cost-sensitive than the public-sector which is why
we need to promote private -sector growth. Pro-business initiatives
are essential to private-sector growth, which will put people back to
work and off the government docket, decreasing the size of government
while increasing revenue. Perhaps this is over-simplified, but seems

Guest essay provided (and written) by Cory Meyers, DVM

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