Monday, May 10, 2010

Where do I start today. Ipods, Iphones, Ipads, XBox, you pick. I think I'll start with more unions.

Unionisation is an interesting anomaly. The formation of a union, while perhaps a noble idea, is nothing more than more bureaucracy. If everyone unionized we'd all have enough money right? WRONG. Unions are divisive controlling and thoroughly non-capitalist. Capitalism built our country. Lack thereof WILL destroy it. Unions, like the air and rail unions that currently don't exist, but now will with the "easement" from Mr. O, will succeed in getting more money, unfortunately, for their members. They will also raise prices in return. Every bag handled, every whistle sounded will cost a great percentage more. So, Mr. O, while you've done "well" for the employees of the businesses that will now unionise, you've done much worse for the rest of us. Everyone who depends on the air and rail travel in this country will pay more. They will then, obviously, have less to spend on the ever decreasing things that are manufactured in this country, which they already can't afford because they are made my unions. Basically, by clearing the path for more unionisation in our great country, Mr. O seized the congressional "need" to raise the minimum wage further. I think unions are a paradox wrapped in an enigma burrito with ambiguity sauce muy picante.

Now, technology. Interesting how Mr. O railed (pun intended) against technology recently in a matriculation ceremony. Interesting how the media has always been controlled in the past when a "fledgling dictator" comes to power. Is he really worried that our "young folks" will rot their brains playing games incessantly on their iPhones? Or is he worried that they will be able to "assemble" in a way the "fledgling dictator" has no control over? That is my concern, and should be yours. After attempts to control the internet, the entire internet remember, in the case of whatever the "fledgling dictator" is concerned about, the attempt (ongoing) to control wall street and many other traditionally private enterprises, and now the lesser evils (tools to access the aforementioned) do we trust that he has our best interest (or his?) at heart?

Who will play Gehring?


PS- The misspellings for unionize and unionization were on purpose (Just a bit British) to prepare for the coming socialist maelstrom.
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