Friday, June 25, 2010

I just don't understand

Why is there an article on Fox News online about our wonderful President and Lady GaGa and their number of Facebook friends? Do we really want our president to be more popular than anyone besides Michael Jackson? I don't want my President to be popular. I want him to lead. I want him to protect. I want him to not be popular. I want him to stay out of the limelight. I don't want Michael Jackson or Lady GaGa to be president. Our country has gone insane. Who would friend that ID 10 T? I think we need to amend the Constitution to limit presidential contenders\presidents to less than 500 Facebook Friends. That's fair isn't it? If at any point before the presidency, during the campaign, or during the presidency they reach 501 Facebook Friends they automatically forfeit the campaign or presidency. Or, maybe, we should have some kind of Facebook socialism where the "friend" leaders have to siphon off some of their friends for those of us who have less, or what about those of us who don't even have Facebook pages?

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