Friday, November 11, 2011

EFA, really?

Anyone ever heard of  "Equality for All"?  They're 110% crazy.  They are PETA cubed.  They are, I don't have the words.  Well, apparently they believe that we shouldn't "dominate" animals unless you happen to be an animal dominatrix or some crazy BS such as that.  They believe that it's OK to have "relations" animals.  I wonder if that includes whales (large penises).  I wonder if that includes sloths (smaller penises I'd imagine)?  I can't believe this group even exists.  I find it hard to believe that it's even legal to ponder.  I am probably being tracked right now  because I visited their website.  Well, apparently the men will back off from the "sex with animals" wonderment...


So guys, the next time you're out in the pasture and "Flower" gives you that knowing wink, turn, and walk away.

PS-Yes W.J.  I used Flower on purpose.

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