Tuesday, November 8, 2011

No Pain No Cain

The alternative title for this post was Cain is Able?  But, perhaps we need reminders of the pain we endured as a nation before we elected the Great Ronaldo.  His name was Jimmy Carter (the peanut farmer)  This time the pain we are enduring is Obama, and the pain is greater.  Whether or not we realize it, the mechanisms he's put into motion have the possibility of destroying our nation from within.  Let's elect a Great Hermano.  I remember the first time I heard Herman speak.  I couldn't help but think, "finally, a clean-cut black man with a decent haircut who doesn't look up to Mao and isn't tied to the Weather Underground".  Now with accusation after accusation piling up on his doorstep, I wonder, "is this for real".  The first time I heard him speak I had chills running down my leg, oh wait, that was someone else about someone else. Regardless of what I think about Herman Cain, let's look at what other people think of the "Cain Train".  He is leading in nearly every poll of probable GOP voters.  Ok, they like him too.  So why all of the sudden are these women creeping out of the woodwork to defame him?  I think they are hoping that he doesn't even remember them and that his mind is bleary enough to slip this by.  Where were they when he ran for the Senate in GA twice?  Where were they when Herman Cain was only polling 2% or 4%?  They didn't exist then, and they are a fraud now, besides, he could just use a Bill line item and say I did not have visions of sex with that woman when I was harassing her.  Everyone is looking for their five minutes of fame, some do their best to earn it, others do their best to redistribute someone else's fame.  In this day and age, I think the only compliment it is safe to give a woman is: "I don't find you repulsive."

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  1. I'm glad Cain learned how to speak German when he got confronted with this dilemma. Nine nine nine!