Sunday, June 21, 2009


Here's to our government finally taking action we've all been waiting for. I'm glad my tax dollars are hard at work. Government oversight is a good thing. More would be even better. I'm tired of corporations making money because of my stupidity, or rather "our collective" stupidity. It's about time big brother took a stance and "done showed" us what was right and what was wrong. I mean, who knew I might be purchasing a drug? Who knew that for the last hundred years people have been feeding drugs to their toddlers? Thank you big brother. Now I know. Stop eating cheerios people. STOP!!!!!!!! They may contain a drug (whole grain oats). Please stop now before you find yourself stuck in a self deprecating cycle. Whole grain oats are a gateway drug people. Next its metamucil. One day you'll find yourself in the gutter fighting pigeons for the grit on the side of the road. Please stop now. If Mr. Obama has his way, we may find ourselves buying our cereal grains on street corners in the middle of the night on hooker infested boulevards of major cities. It's also possible, those of us who have money (which will become fewer with every day of Obamanomics) will go to the GP begging for scripts for Cheerios. What do you suppose the markup will be for whole grain oats? I imagine that general mills will soon be in a position to sell the cheerio label to Pfizer. Don't we have anything better to do? Doesn't our government have anything more productive to worry about? We've got: terror, war and an economy on the verge of a collapse of "roman" proportions and they spend time worrying about steroids in baseball, sign stealing in football, and whole grain oats in cereal. Sighs. I can't take it anymore. I think I'll just barricade myself in a cave with guns and ammo and live on the bugs and other critters I can catch. I suppose my children will then be at least as antisocial as a "homeschooler", but I'm now not sure who I want them to socialize with these days anyway. Cheerio, Happy hunting.


  1. If "Big Brother" is going after cheerios, shouln't they also look at Dannon Yogurt. I hear that Bifidus Regularis is extremely addictive. We must reduce the cost of health care, at least thats what we are told. What ever happened to an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I think the real problem is that cheerios didn't pay the multimillion dollars to get the FDA approval for the "lower cholesterol" claim. It's all about the money.

  2. I think it is an interesting point "didn't pay the multimillion dollars". Perhaps the most intersting thing is that the gov't probably spent the billions of dollars to prove that whole grain oats are beneficial to a cholesterol lowering diet. If the government paid for that study and then expects "royalties" to use the study, aren't they being capitalistic? Don't get me wrong, capitalistic is fantastic, but this is coming from a government that is increasingly socialistic. Something somewhere isn't adding up.