Sunday, March 14, 2010

Some is better than none...

I've been tossing about frustrated with politics and politicians. Has anyone been happy with them? This downward spiral we're dealing with isn't anything new. It can't be blamed on W or O, at least not entirely. It can't be blamed on any one person. Perhaps what they don't realize is that we are now, and have been for some time, in a global economy. A global economy that we can't compete in. We can't compete because of artificial government do gooder created inflation. Every time we borrow more money and then print it, our dollar is worth less. Every time our dollar is worth less, people need more of those dollars to buy the things they need\want. Our governments solution: raise minimum wage, more handouts. The result of that is our being less competitive on the global level and needing more money to start the cycle again. I suppose my point in this rambling message is that one job paying five bucks an hour is better than 10 billion jobs for 20\hr that don't exist. If our minimum wage wasn't law, companies could hire workers for less money, and so long as the government didn't pay "unemployed" more than 5 and hour to be "unemployed" they would fill those jobs quickly. Companies hiring for 5 an hour would be more or less competitive? Seems to me we've priced ourselves out of the market that our resourcefulness and ingenuity created. Is working for five dollars an hour better or worse than imagining a job for 20 an hour?

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