Tuesday, November 2, 2010

An Historic Day

Today becomes a day for the ages.  I haven't decided what the slogan of the day is.  I'm tossing two around.  First: Yes, We Will      Second: Today, hope and change become hopefully change.  Let me know which you prefer.  I should have had bumper stickers printed.  Oh, well.  Today, the "referendum on Obama" is a day which we never thought we would see.  The messiah, the "one", the non-partisan, America joining, joiner of forces conservative and liberal will today, fail.  It has become not an "if" but a how bad.  Let's pray that at the end of the day (week for Floridians, they seem to have digit enumeration issues there) that Obama has to hide in a hole because of embarrassment.  Let's hope that the newly elected conservatives do what we've been asking for.  At least, draft legislation to repeal Obamacare, stop spending, and at most listen to everything that the majority of Americans are saying.  If the newly elected conservatives don't at least offer these sacrifices, they time is fated.  Their time will be short.  If they don't listen, they'll spend less time in Congress than O in the White House.  Today, VOTE!  Remember that our votes are the things that separate our great Representative Republic from a dictatorship.

Grumpy Guy at Philly Polling Place - Click for story

Addendum- I asked my wife this morning to make me a costume.  You know, since Halloween was just the other day.  I told her I wanted a sheet and a pointy ghost hat with eye holes cut out.  She refused.  What a shame.  I don't know why no one would want a vintage Strom Thurmond Costume at the polls.  I was just going to ignore this writing here, ya know, not post it, but then I saw the picture of the "assumed" New Black Panther at the same polling place in Philly (see link for my take on that) that had the issues last year, ya know, the one that Mr. Holder tossed out of the courts?  I wanted to dress vintage Strom to see if the case that was brought against me (which definitely would have been brought) would have been tossed out of the courts also.  My first guess, no.  I also was afraid that my vintage Thurmonesque costume could have turned the tensions of race in this country into something worse.   Maybe I'd have been a martyr, not sure, but I do know that I wouldn't have had 70 some virgins waiting for me if I had been martyred.

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