Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm a black panther, and I love my cracker babies...

I was a black panther from a very early age. I was a "hardcore" black panther. Actually, my Dad, my Mom, my Brother, and most of my family are black panthers. I love and loved being associated with the black panthers. There are many more like me. We grew up together, we loved being black panthers. Back then, we never really thought of cracker babies, or racism, or hatred, or murdering crackers and their babies. Things were simple then. When did things get so confusing? As a black panther, I wish that the black panthers would try to intimidate me at the polling place. I'd have some words for them. I'd first ask them what kind of crackers they're looking for. Keebler? Ritz? Animal? Then, if they found them, i'd ask them to crumble (murder) them into my chili. I find it hard to believe that other black panthers in this world would stoop to voter intimidation. I find it hard to believe that other black panthers are anything other than outstanding patriotic citizens. Then again, all of the black panthers I knew and know were the people I went to school with. Yep, our mascot was the black panther. What I dislike most about "the new black panthers" is that they're giving my mascot a bad name. So much of a bad name, the school generally refers to their mascot and athletes as "panthers". Hey, "new black panthers" - lay off the hatred, keep your hands off of my "cracker babies", stay away from people trying to vote in "secrecy", and, if you show up at my polling place, don't expect me to be intimidated.


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