Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Almighty Representative Republic...

Ben and the boys had the right idea. No one wants to spend the hours after work and before bed voting on every little issue that may arise. We don't care whether or not March will be the month to celebrate Elvis and James Dean, we'd probably all vote for a day to pay tribute to those of us who made extreme sacrifices for our country, but, wouldn't we all like a say in things that aren't so mundane? Who wants to vote on health care? I say, scrap it, I didn't vote, you didn't vote, let's do it again and have a website so everyone in the USA can have their vote count. Now next is amnesty I suppose. Once again, let me vote on that, it affects us all. (interesting side note: they told us the Health Care wouldn't cover illegals, but with amnesty... you get the point) I have a feeling that the Representative Republic, our unique form of quasi-democracy here is failing us. We're a few short years from representing our republic into a dictatorship. Let's start not doing that NOW! Rome wasn't built in a day, but it didn't take as long to destroy as to build.


PS-I wonder how many people in our country know that we're not a "democracy"
Liberalism is a Mental Disorder: Savage Solutions

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