Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Too Big to FAIL

I've talked to Him. He agrees with me. Too big to fail doesn't exist. That's a reassuring conversation I had. That means that although banks and insurance companies have been deemed to big to fail, PI isn't. That is the only bright side to the Obama administration I see. Can you imagine if a higher power decides that PI is too big to fail? That would be the end of the end of the end of stuff everywhere. The country that has led the world in technology, innovation, economy, and nearly everything you can dream of for over a hundred years can fail. The people that live in that(this) country can and have elected people that can and will make it fail. The good thing is, that, this too shall pass. That's why we re-elect or elect anew. Come November I have a feeling we'll do the latter. If we don't, I suppose we'll fail harder. Either way, failure has a way of starting new things. If the failure didn't work, something new and innovative might. Let's be innovative. Let's elect people with a different, exciting new way to govern. Let's get rid of PI so the almighty Constitution can rule the land again. Vote libertarian or constitutionalist or anything but republican, democrat or Nader this year.


PS- I thought of a new bumper sticker

"The only Union I approve of is Militia"

PPS- For those of you who don't follow (most of you), check the previous blog for a "PI" explanation.

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