Tuesday, April 13, 2010

If it's free* it's not for me!

The forthcoming PI^ control of student loans is an exciting happening. Soon, higher education will be free*. That's something many people have been waiting for, for centuries. Who can argue with free* education? Healthcare will most likely follow the same path and be free*. Who can afford the rising costs of healthcare and education these days anyway? Free* is much better. Soon, all members of our society will have an equal opportunity to wait in lines, get subpar healthcare, and mediocre education. That is something that we've all been waiting to wait for. Taking student loan servicing away from private banks is a smart move. They are all just on the verge of theoretical collapse. I'm glad that my student loans will be serviced by the most inept organization on the planet. Aren't you? I wonder if my student loans, when the time comes, will be written off and become free*? The part that concerns me is that the people who have been waiting for free* are the same people that are either: A-already getting it for free(no asterisk) or B- Socialist at best

If someone you don't know offers you something for free* it ain't free(no asterisk).

*not free, taxes or "catches" will inevitably make it more expensive than the service or product previously existed

^- From now on I will only refer to the government as PI. (Pinnacle of Ineptitude)


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