Sunday, August 8, 2010

If the King were President...

I've done some thinking lately. I do lots of thinking lots. If Elvis were our president. It might be interesting. Peanut butter and banana sandwiches might be in again, and there might be a lot of interesting decorations in the WH. Have you ever been to Graceland? It's interesting the way money can change people. Sometimes it can change people for the worse, sometimes for the better, and in the case of Elvis, sometimes for the really strange. It seems that fame can do the same. Mr. Obama now, as POTUS, has both fame and money. He can now have beer summits and send his wife to lobby for his "hometown's" Olympic bid. His wife jaunts off all over the world while more Americans are unemployed than anytime in my lifetime. There seems to be no end in sight to the economic downturn, but for the Obamas, money is no object, to them at least. As taxpayers, we should demand the right to audit the expenditures of the first family as related to taxpayer dollars. I don't like the vagueness of her trip's expenses. I don't see how her vacation with 800 of her "closest" friends can be taxpayer responsibilities. I understand she's not the elected official, but let's be realistic here. What woman would leave her husband's side for his 50th birthday and travel across the world while the weight of the USA's problems are on his shoulders? Maybe they are fighting. Maybe he had an affair. Maybe she's having an affair in Spain. I don't really care why they aren't together, I'm just thinking it doesn't seem right. In the immortal words of Goofy, "Somethings wrong here". I think as many of us as possible should take a tour of the White House and see what interesting decorations are there. If there is a hairy couch and a waterfall in the first families living room, be scared, very, very scared.


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