Saturday, August 14, 2010

It truly is a quality of life issue...

Why did the pilgrims come here? Why did our founding fathers come here? Why did so many other people come here? To improve their quality of life. Either they were fleeing persecution, seeking religious freedoms, or looking for a better way of life, they wanted things to get better. How are we making things\keeping things better today? Let's think about this in a rational way. Tax cuts (which are a presumably good thing) are expiring. Health care is floundering. Productivity is failing. Our elected leaders are criminals. Less than 30% of the country respects and or trusts our Congress. Where is there improvement here? Our esteemed President is now agreeing with and pushing for a Mosque to be built at ground zero. Maxine Waters and Charlie Rangel are probably not going to be sent to jail, but damn well should be. Where is the "do your job, do it well, and keep your nose clean" attitude that our country was built on? Being an elected official doesn't allow you to bend fold or otherwise mutilate your charge. What I really want to discuss is the pending healthcare implosion. How many of you have ever tried to make an appointment with your GP? Is it easy? My GP, for instance, isn't even a doctor. He's a PA. Not that it bothers me all that much, he seems knowledgeable and he's a nice guy. The problem herein is that I can't even schedule an appointment with my PA! I was speaking to a doctor friend of mine the other day who said, "PA's are great and all, but sometimes you need to see the 'first string'". I have some issues in my neck. Very painful, so those of you that read this, please buy something from a link here so my face time with the computer doesn't feel like such a painful waste. I went to the ER because receiving an appt with my GP isn't all that possible. They sent me home with enough meds to get to my "follow up" with the GP that I can't get a meeting with. Nice eh? I can see already that the health care is skewered in this country. Government getting their hands it it can only make it worse. If I can't get an appointment now for something that is affecting my quality of life, what's going to happen when the government loses money on my "quality of life"? Eventually, I would hope that we all wake up and realize that only privatization can prevent the Government destroying our way of life. If healthcare would revert to true free enterprise, without the dreaded insurance companies, we might once again be able to see our GPs. Sure, maybe the government should cap some of the malpractice lawsuits, but other than that, keep your hands off of my quality of life, and out of my cookie jar. I'm starting to think that legalizing marijuana isn't such a bad idea.

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