Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Common Sense Guide to Government Legislation for Government Legislators

IF: You want to create a tax. Don't
IF: You want to make new "rules". Don't
IF: You want to make new laws. Don't
If: You want to "change" our rights. Don't
IF: You want to suspend our privileges. Don't
IF: You want us to concede our liberties. We won't

We've thrived in this country for most of the 234 years we've existed. Very little has changed. Civil rights and women's suffrage excluded, the founding of this country was perfect. If you try to change the basic layout of our rules and laws and liberties and privileges, we'll get angry. So we won't if you don't.

There were poor people, gay people (presumably since it's "from birth"), and minorities since the inception of the United States of America. At this point in time, we still have poor people, gay people, and minorities. Why is it that after all of the legislation making job seekers "equal" there are still poor people? I don't know. I don't care. I'll help them if I can. I won't just enable them to be poor. I suppose a hundred years from now there will still be poor people, gay people and minorities.

The key to legislation in this country is to stop legislating. No more legislating means no need for legislators, which leads to a smaller government, a smaller government leads to less national debt, less national debt leads to less taxes and less inflation, less taxes and less inflation leads to happier citizens, happier citizens leads to a more productive workforce, a more productive workforce leads to a better economy, a better economy leads to more money, more money=problem solved.

I finished an exhaustive^ study of medical professionals today. I asked them if they were for or against the health care reform passed since O's inauguration. I asked them to simply answer "yes" or "no". One doctor laughed and said emphatically, "NO". Another professional asked if we could just "get rid of Obama". It is obvious to me that no medical professional is FOR the already passed health care reform. So, no medical professional is for it, the majority of polled Americans are against it, and yet Congress passed it. Nice, Congress. We all thank you, well, some of us thank you, but NOT most of us.

On to another subject. Is it true that Michelle is in Spain? That's what I've heard. I think it is really amusing that the State Department removed it's "warning" for "Afro-Americans" visiting Spain due to vehement racism in the country at the same time our presumably "Afro-American" first lady was travelling there.


^The study wasn't necessarily exhaustive. I just became exhausted because it was hot today (probably due to global warming). I surveyed three people. One doctor of orthopedics, one veterinarian, and one receptionist, who I think you'll agree are all medical professionals.
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