Tuesday, August 3, 2010

National Night out of the box....

I hate conventional wisdom. I hate conventional thought. Conventional thought and wisdom has taken our country a long, long way down the wrong road. I hate having to vote for the lesser of two evils (or throwing my vote away, which I generally do). I hate the fact that our country has boundaries that change every time the wind blows (for immigration) and the fact that our country is still run by lunatics who can't define a shape other than a box. Let's try thinking inside the rhombus (the politicians are typing it in Word for synonyms right now) at least Washington. I hate the fact that service generally sucks these days. I really hate the fact that we're constantly told that we live in a primarily service economy these days. And what really blows is the fact that we live in a primarily service economy AND the service sucks. No wonder the economy tanked. Why can't people in service jobs: understand their job, do their job, at least pretend to be happy while doing their job, be able to add two whole numbers, and know what Ovaltine is? I don't think it's too much to ask to have a manager at a grocery store know what Ovaltine is, do you? I spent my national night out at the grocery store, and contrary to what you might be thinking, not pining for a banana express, but rather waiting for a manager to tell me where they had the Ovaltine hidden, and where the 1.99 Boneless skinless chicken was. They called for the butcher 5 times. I never heard a reply. I went and allowed my eggo waffles to defrost and my milk to sour while I served myself. If we're going to have a "primarily" service economy, we're doomed. Do you job. Do it well. Do it with a smile on your face. Or don't do it for me. Thank God for the people who work at convenience stores. For some reason (I've done this work, it's exhausting) they seem to be generally cheerful people. Well, most of them. Remember, if the service sucks and it wasn't "5 dollar" on a corner in Vietnam, it is unacceptable.


PS- My wife is angry with me for this post. She says "service" people get a bad rap. Oops, sorry service people, I'm only giving you a bad rap IF: you can't add two whole numbers, you don't know what Ovaltine is, or give me, as the customer, your attitude when you're having a bad day.

PPS- My wife is still irritated with this post, apparently she's afraid I've been to Vietnam.

PPPS- She finally laughed.

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