Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The discord in the disillusioned (dis)union?

   Alternative title tonight "I'm from Mars, I married a Venetian, and I still understand her better than liberals"

     I was belittled and berated by a fellow conservative yesterday.  Wait, two fellow conservatives yesterday.  Wait, not actually belittled and berated, more accurately browbeaten and beleaguered.  It seems I have neglected my duties as a conservative beacon in this seemingly liberal country.  I'm sorry.  To conservative one, I apologize, I suppose it must be the hardware in my body slowing me down and making me lazy, to conservative number two: I apologize, you're still a best friend, and don't worry too much, I'm still overly conservative.  I'll finish this after the two conservatives in training are sleeping =).

Alright, one son, one daughter, two dreamlands.

I'm not sure where I'm going tonight and how I'll get there, or really, where it'll end.  Guns, violence, Russia, terrorists, liberals, China, Muslims, EPA, US Marshals, more Guns, metal illness, enemy combatants, submarines, air force... the list goes on.

What really amazes me is that people seem to think that things are really bad "these days" and were blissful in the years past.  Doesn't anyone remember mutually assured destruction during the cold war?  No one can remember the Bay of Pigs?  Things have never been perfect and never will be.  If we've learned anything from history, let's remember something.  If we've learned nothing from history, let us die.  Barbarians.  Nice word?  Like "barbarians"?  I doubt you do.  Where are barbarians from?  A: The Barbary Coast (N. Africa, MUSLIM) Look it up.  So, barbarians have always been problems?  A: Yes, look it up.  Why would we figure that Islam would let us be now?  A: Liberals made us.  Russia.  There are some things I admire about Russians.  One, their ability to drink vodka.  Other than a few college girls I knew, they are unparalleled.  Second, other than the USA, they don't take BS very well.  Or, do they?  I seem to recall some tragedy revolving around Beslan.  However disgusting and disheartening we feel about this horrendous act, the Russians dealt with it like men.  They used tanks and grenades and guns and killed.  Unfortunately they killed innocents too.  Now, just the other day, the terrorist attack at the airport.  What is the payback for this?  I'm worried, and I feel, with just cause.  We know that thanks to our "leader" (used loosely) the Russians have oodles more nukes than us.  They seem to have little respect for Muslims, or religious people in general, or at least some (Putin and his ilk) seem to.  How long, how many more attacks, what pushes the Russians (Putin et al.) over the NUKLer brink?  Just a concern that crosses my mind.  When that happens, if it happens (Putin et al, makes a when) what will China be up to?

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