Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kucinich the Litigious...

Dennis Kucinich filed a lawsuit against the House Cafeteria.  Why was he in the house cafeteria?  Right, some imbeciles out there elected him once.  So, because there was a non-pitted olive (oh the horror) in this wrap, and he was voraciously partaking, he damaged the enameled billion dollar tooth.  I can't imagine what would happen to a politician who was missing a tooth.  I wish actually that he lost all of his teeth, then the speeches would at least be amuthing.  If I were the owner of the company who was targeted with his litigation, I would have immediately hired a lawyer and filed a countersuit alleging that the honorable Mr. Kucinich was the owner of a faulty tooth, and though my olive may have contained a pit, his tooth wasn't fit for chomping at all, let alone the stray pit.  It seems that an olive branch may have been extended to Mr. Kucinich, but nevertheless, his litigation is just another example of our over litigious society. See previous post.  How can a defender of our government show everyone how to whine and get rich?  Wait, he's a democrat, not a defender of our Constitution, just a defender of the socialist movement we currently call the Obama Administration.

PS- It's interesting that Mr. Kucinich is a vegan.  Perhaps if he had a balanced diet of animals and animal products his teeth would have been\be stronger.  (Milk is high in calcium Mr. Vegan)

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