Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where will China be?

I suppose they will be exactly at the same place they are now.  In a country too small for the billion or so people that live there, in an economy tied to the dreaded dollar, whether they like it or not, in a position to manipulate our economy whether we like it or not, hiding behind a "slatted" iron curtain, not audibly threatening nuclear war, but neither denying the possibility, standing "silently" behind\beside North Korea, and pulling strings as "She" sees fit all over the world.  How many of those statements are open for debate?  How many of those statements make you feel warm and fuzzy inside?  How many of those statements make you want to run to the nearest gun shop and buy up weapons for future self defense?  How many of you, regardless of your faith, feel that rounding up dissident "religious zealots" constitutes something you want to see done anywhere?  How many of you worry that the most populous country on earth is sinister?  I suppose the real question is: How many of the population in the most populous country on earth is sinister?  And, are they sinister because they are sinister or because they're afraid not to be?  On a side note, in an epiphany related but not to the previous question: How many of us "westerners" are "green" because we're afraid not to be?  I say screw the CFs and screw in the Incandescents.  I say, Pennsylvania, harvest the coal and gas from our mother earth and stop wallowing in debt.   I say free up our national economy and invest in the American people, because we are, have always been, and always will be the most ingenious, intelligent, and hardworking people alive.  Just allow us the rewards that, at one time, were reserved for the aforementioned.  Stop taking our money for others.  Stop taking our money for government programs we don't want.  Stop telling us what we can and can't do, and stop trying to protect us from ourselves.  We don't want to be China.  We want to be the beacon of freedom and prosperity for the world.  Oh, and you politicians in the national spotlight, just remember, raising taxes on the richest people in our land is a bad idea.  Why would you try to raise taxes on the people who have the most money to figure out how not to pay taxes?  And, they also have the most money to leave.

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