Monday, January 31, 2011

Recipe for success: Bam! Toss in a little tea.

Now we're cooking with tea.  The tea party was a welcomed addition to our national political scene.  The party took the frustrations of middle America and put them to words.  The pundits on the right love them.  The liberals and progressives hate them.  The tea party was sent to America by God.  There is no other way to look at it. At a time when the progressive socialist backers were pushing us to the edge of a precipice, one girl decided to dump the tea.  Don't tread on me became a nationwide motto.  The tea party brought on a revolution.  The feel good liberal train hasn't stopped yet, but I think they've finally realized that there is no station at which they are welcome to stop.  Conservative judges seem to be too far and too few between these days.  Do conservatives die earlier than liberals?  Someone fund that study.  We need to stack the courts with conservative justices and find the fountain of youth.  So, the number one, most important, most fulfilling prophesy, the very reform that Obama was elected to enact, the health care reform, was stricken down by a lowly federal judge.  Just be patient Americans.  The Supreme Court is still a conservative force, and they will uphold.  I wish there were a way to play the Uno reverse card on this whole schmack.  Slap, reverse, Obama and the "progressives" could have their health care any way they want it.  Obama and the Progressives, good name for a band.  A blues band.

Check out the tea recipes, they're interesting to say the least.  I'm only disappointed with the fact they contain no red meat.


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