Sunday, January 30, 2011

I need you all to reach out, read blogs, write blogs

and prevent problems like the ones facing Egypt.  Leave comments on blogs,  write letters to your hometown papers and get the word out.  Tell the government to stop wagering our future away with foreign loans.  I prefer not to have China change the rate on my credit because they don't like me because I don't like communism.  For God's sake, if you're reading this blog, leave a comment, I'm starting to feel like I'm writing to myself.  If you disagree, please tell me why, if you agree, good for you, you're way ahead of the average liberal.  Good luck Israel, we need you.

My wife and I were discussing the repercussions of the "Egypt Issue" today.  She doesn't understand why we need to be allied with Israel.  I tried to explain, I think adequately, that Israel is the beacon of rational thinking in an irrational region.  Israel is the only entity keeping the USA out of war with the middle east as it is.  If Iran wasn't worried about ramifications from Israel, don't you think Ahmadinejad or whatever his name is would have started world war three four and five by now?  Israel is our arm of reason in the middle east.  I'm happy with that.  Egypt is allied with Israel.  Enough said.

PS- Parents, please do your children a favor and restrict and stifle their creativity.  It will do them much better     when we become a communist entity.

PPS- My actual thoughts on the entire middle east issue: We take over all of the holy lands and charge admission.  This alleviates the conflicts in the Gaza strip and our national deficit all in one.  Second thought, Sandbox.  My better half says that there's too much history there for the sandbox, I say, "That's why we write history down."

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