Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Don't ask me... I just might tell.

What in the hell is that judge thinking?  I mean, I understand, gay people, lesbians, homosexuals, whatever is PC these days, they want all the rights and privileges afforded to the straight, heterosexual "oppressors".  Fine.  Have at it.  Just, if I were gay, and I were serving, and there might be someone in my platoon who was a gay basher, I wouldn't want him to know.  Would you?  Now, perhaps everyone in the military who is "different sexually" will come out.  Maybe they won't.  Maybe they'll be forced to.  It seems to me the politicians want them to.  The judicial system too, perhaps.  Why? I ask.  I don't know.  Maybe Barney wants to know which base to show up at for his next fling.  Maybe Larry wants to know what base "head" he should use his wide stance in?  And, consider this, next week or next month, or next year, this "nixing" of DADT might be swept off the face of existence.  Then what?  How do we get everyone who told to "untell"?  How can we get the people they told to "unhear"?  It seems to me that DADT has worked forever (I understand it hasn't "always" been, but before it was, don't you think it was there without saying?).  Why isn't it working now?  Answer, it probably is.  But, probably the ACLU or some silly liberal legislator feels bad for homosexuals who "threw" themselves into this mix and feel slighted.  Were there facebook groups and myspace forums asking for DADT to be removed?  I don't know, maybe there were.  I'm about to give up on understanding anything that happens in the realm of national politics.  It just makes no sense to me.  I'm actually surprised that the green extremes haven't actually tried to introduce legislation to make us all "homo".  Then we wouldn't have nearly the carbon footprint we have now, and in a generation or two, oops, nope, just one, we'd have none at all.


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