Monday, October 11, 2010

The prince and the peons...

The epic saga of Prince Husein Obama and the peons of the media hasn't failed to confound, complicate and destroy much of what I, and other like minded individuals have held and want to hold dear. Does anyone understand this fairy tale? Everyday we're inundated with stories ostensibly showing us that he is loved, trusted, admired and worshiped. Everyday I read the same stories and read the hidden behind. I wish someone had thrown a copy of Michael Savage's "Trickle up Poverty" at him. Or Orwell's 1984. Or Beck's "Arguing with Idiots". Or a copy of the Federalist papers. Or "Wealth of a Nation". Or anything that had substance relating to the issues at hand. This morning I caught the tail end of an interview with some schmuck from some asinine foundation in CA trying to say that if all of the people who went to Beck's rally that only wanted bumper stickers and T-Shirts weren't counted, that this past Saturday's silly rally would have dwarfed the attendance. Has anyone seen the pictures side by side? I'll show ya. 

Pic 3

I definitely see grass in the "working" picture (2). And notice how they only show the area next to the reflection pool? That wasn't an accidental cropping. The Beck honor rally is pic 1.  The sign up ad for the working blah blah blah pic is 3.  Isn't that a nice depiction of what definitely happened.  I'm not sure where they dredged that picture from, but I bet it was MLK and not Al or Jesse or O or any other modern day "liberal" activist.  What a bunch of horse puckey.  The moron on the Phil Hendrie show also said to a lesbian caller (from TN, not that it's important) and I paraphrase "Oh my God, you're a lesbian, and a conservative? Oh, my God..." blah blah blah foot in mouth, blah blah.  It's for these reasons that the democrats must and will be defeated in November. I'm not sure that the GOP has the answers, but they certainly have better failures to offer.  I think that I'd feel better if my tax money were used to fund SWNGCWFGIMESP (Star Wars the Next Generation Cyber Wanna Feel Good Intergalactic Missile Evasion or Stopper Project) than what O is attempting.


I think I'll run for office.  I'm just to lie to make the masses believe what I don't, and then...

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