Thursday, October 21, 2010

You can work with me... If you Juan-a

Isn't it interesting that someone who has been the brunt of the most stereotyping and racial and ethnic slurs (because of his skin), in the history of mankind, was tossed out of his job for being politically incorrect?  I love the way the liberal media works.  Does it have protocols?  I doubt it, I think they probably make them up as they go along.  Anyone know where stereotypes come from?  Stereotype machines I think.  Or, white men.  Of course white men make all stereotypes.  In "Why We Suck", Denis Leary expands on all of the ethnic slurs he can think of, some of which I, as a white man, didn't even know.  Needless to say the black and the jews won the contest.  I just have to ask, since I don't actually think that white men made all stereotypes, where did they actually come from?  Well, let's look at a few.

Fried Chicken and Collard Greens- If the African Americans didn't eat it, would we say it?
Money Hungry Jew- If they weren't fiscally sound, would we talk like that?
Dirty Amish- If they showered every day would we call them dirty?
Towel Head- Self Explanatory
Dot Head- Self Explanatory
Cracker- Don't quite understand, but whether the whip or in the coal mines, ok

It seems to me that most stereotypes are earned.  Since that seems to be true, why the PC mess we've created? Mr Williams dared to speak what (my estimate) 70+% of Americans think and he lost his job.  I'm not a liberal, if you've read this blog you'd know, but I'm also not unfair.  Mr. Williams did his job faithfully for the liberal elite for years (as noticed by me when I curse at him on Fox) and for one Politically Incorrect (but earned) remark he's jobless with NPR.  Well, Juan, they don't deserve you anyway.  Feel free to comment and send guest essays to me for Right Wing Frosting at anytime by emailing me at  Thank you for saying the things I don't have the stage or audience to make a difference by saying.  Kudos Juan!  PS- Do you like fried chicken and collard greens?  I do.

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