Thursday, October 14, 2010

I shall be as frugal as possible... with my words on economics...

Which is cheaper, a handful of a five dollar lexis or an essay of two cent ramblings?

I've decided for the time being at least, I'll allow a self professed "my politics swing left" guy pick my topic.
Tonight, he says, "talk about the economy".  We chatted today about gold and investments and toxic debt and countries that own way too much of ours.  We discussed "too big to fail" and bailouts and government spending to create jobs and wealth.  He admitted that his business is not too big to fail, KUDOS sir, kudos.  I replied that no matter what or where the business, there is at least one person who "feels" his\her business is too big to fail (think owner), and many places, many more (employees, vendors, etc).  We discussed the fact that no matter how large the business, in the event of their failure, someone somewhere will be waiting in the wings to pick up the pieces and plot a different course that hopefully wouldn't fail.  All of these things and more we discussed.  I suppose what he really wanted was a forecast.  I suppose that I'm the last person on earth to predict stock and bond markets.  However, I have seen some very foreboding charts recently.

There's the chart.  Here's the link to the chart and the story.  Disturbing Connections?  Notice that the chart starts at the recovery following the "great depression" on the light line and the recovery after our current crisis on the dark line.  Very similar yes?  So, what do I think is going to happen?  I think before I pour my liquidity into my IRA's I'll wait for a few months.  Granted I'm not an economist but my Roth is up nearly 80% over the last 4 years.  So, if you're interested in learning more, ask someone else, I'm familiar with the inner workings of cattle, not the opaque workings of economics.  Good Luck and God Bless.


PS- It occurred to me today that everyone should be true to their spouses, you never know when the mine might cave.

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