Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The totally naked half-truth...

I suppose a million bucks is a lot of money.  Enough money it seems to bring out some strange people with stranger acts.  Perhaps even stranger is the jackass that made the proposal in the first place.  I digress, supposing someone just ran naked in front of me, and the only thing standing between that man and a million smackeroos is my say so, I'd probably give him the nod, just so he didn't make an ass out of himself for nothing.  If I were the president, and I was pushing the economy, and this guy was poor, and he needed the million, I'd give him the nod.   What better way to stimulate spending than giving some poor minority a million dollars to spend (think Elvis)?  Obama, give him his million.  He might just stimulate spending.  I'd buy some stuff if I had an extra million.  Wouldn't you?  Nope, I doubt it, you're still spending trillions of our dollars.  Hey, jackass that made the proposal in the first place, give him his damn money, or else, be a lying democrat, up to you.


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