Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chopsticks and Fiscal Solvency

How exactly can I relate chopsticks and fiscal solvency? I wasn't sure I could. But I'm going to. We had Chinese food tonight. I enjoy eating my Chinese food the way an authentic China Person would do it. I like to use chopsticks to shovel it into my mouth from a bowl. I have two toddlers. They like to do what Daddy does. Have you ever tried to teach toddlers how to use chopsticks? My guess is, for most of you, no. It's nearly impossible. It's fun, interesting, and impossible. After feeding them holding their hands on the chopsticks, I realized it would never end. At least, it probably won't end until they possess the fine motor skills required for chopstick usage. I suppose it's to be expected that a toddler wouldn't comprehend the use of chopsticks, but is it too much to ask that our federal government understand fiscal solvency? Fiscal is defined as: 1. Of or relating to government expenditures, revenues, and debt: ie. a fiscal policy of incurring budget deficits to stimulate a weak economy. 2. Of or relating to finance or finances. Solvency is defined as: 1. Capability of meeting financial obligations. Together they invoke fear it seems to all of the lawmakers who have served in the last century. Why is it that you and I need to live a fiscally solvent life to provide for our families, but the government can continually tax us to live a fiscally non-solvent existence? The fiscally non-solvent USA can exist for only a finite amount of time. Eventually the non-solvency will have creditors calling in debts and the US Government won't be able to pay them. What happens when that happens? That's an interesting question. I hope not to find out. This year when the midterm elections come rolling around, think chopsticks. Think fiscal solvency. Think spend less. Think libertarian. We know that the last nearly two decades of pubs and crats haven't even come close to solvency.


PS- the definitions for fiscal and solvency were from the It's interesting the
example they used for fiscal isn't it?

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