Monday, July 5, 2010

National Aeronautical and Space Adminimuslistration

So, POTUS thinks our NASA shouldn't go to space. So, POTUS thinks our NASA shouldn't worry about robot space exploration. So, POTUS thinks that NASA should put it's top minds on solving the muslim issue. That makes total sense. Of course, the head of NASA is black. We all know that blacks have a better repertoire with mulsims, right? Is the head of NASA a muslim? I don't know, but if he isn't, how could it possibly help our cause? Muslims don't seem to care whether you're black yellow green orange red or glowing. If you're alive, and not muslim, you're a target. Maybe Charlie is going to convert to Islam. Maybe he's going to convert muslims to Christianity. This makes no sense to me. Let's build a colony on the moon. Let's send politicians to live there permanently. Let's send POTUS (the peanut farmer can help) there to build the houses on the moon. What has our country become? BANG ZOOM TO THE MOON

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