Thursday, July 15, 2010

Minority Rules and the Banana Express

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I went to the grocery store tonight. I needed bananas, just bananas, nothing but bananas. I went to checkout and there were lines everywhere. Two actual manned (or womaned) registers and three self checkout registers operating. Lines everywhere. I was partially irritated. There were about fifteen more registers that weren't operating. Why I wondered is no one operating these registers? I can't understand why there was no one working at any of the other registers. Because I only wanted bananas, now I was really getting agitated. I needed the bananas for my son who has diarrhea. I just wanted to get the freaking bananas and leave and console him. It led me to the thought that they should have a banana express lane. A lane that is open 24hrs, 7 days, year round to purchase nothing but bananas. It was an idea that amused me. I actually shared the thought with a lumberjack looking gentleman behind me and he too, thought it was funny. We shared our laugh. Then, on my short drive home from the grocer, I realized that this anecdote was actually becoming reality in my country. We the people are catering to the minority. We the people are allowing legislation to become law when the majority oppose it. I'm certain that our representative republic isn't supposed to work this way. How long will it take until we have specialized lines at the doctor? How long will it be until there are specialized welfare programs and specialized unemployment benefits? How long will it be until the people that work and pay the taxes for these government handouts can't get into line because they aren't specialized enough to fit into one of those lines? Let's remember that in a pseudodemocracy the will of the people is the law of the land. Let's vote our belief in the Constitution. Let's restore our Republic under God. Let's show Washington what happens when they vote the minority special lines. Mid term elections are coming sooner than we think. Remember to vote against every lily livered, feel good, frankly sickening liberal out there. We started by tossing Specter out. Good Job PA!


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