Saturday, July 10, 2010

Diversify Diversify Diversify

Any great portfolio manager knows that for any future (hopefully) retiree, diversification is the key to staying afloat in up and down markets. In this case diverse is ideal. Diverse is however, conversely, ultimately and extremely wrong when filling positions dealing with the managers of these portfolios. At what point should we hire a woman who is less qualified to manage our money than the man that may already be managing it? At what point does it make sense to appoint someone to manage mutual funds because their skin is different? At what point does it make sense to employ anyone who is less qualified than the person who is most qualified because of skin color, religion, sexual orientation or any number of other diverse diversities? If a black lesbian woman who is half of a set of co-joined twins is the most qualified person to manage the mutual funds that I'm purchasing, please, hire her. If there is a white man who is the most qualified, hire him. Don't base decisions about my money, my livelihood, my retirement (hopefully) on quotas. There is a little paid attention to provision in the new legislation to control Wall Street that provides for an "affirmative action" type hiring within federal financial positions. Please Americans, wake up. If we crazy "racist" white people don't wake up, we'll end up three hundred years down the road complaining about the "new affirmative action" to make up for the economic slavery that was imposed on us.

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