Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Great Indoctrination Debate of 2010

I'm starting to wonder which is worse, a talking point or a talking head. At first it seems after the first 8 billion times I've heard a "point" that the "point" must be worse. Then I hear the hollow please everyone approach of nearly every politician out there. Then I think that the heads are worse. Then I hear Barack Obama. And, at that point I realize that what's worse than either is a talking head talking their talking points. I'm so sick of hearing how many jobs we would have been lost had the Obama Express done nothing. I'm so sick of hearing how greedy the wealthy are. I'm super sick of hearing how the haves must give to the have nots. Now on the cusp of expiring "Bush" tax cuts I think that talking points don't make sense. I think that the leftist indoctrination is flawed. Here is the way I see it: It takes grand amounts of liberal think tanks hours and days and months upon end to figure out the best way to do things. It takes country folk about 5 minutes. Why does it seem that students are tirelessly indoctrinated in college? My wife is a reformed socialist former socialism major. She can't understand why liberals can't use common sense. If you have no money, we think, go get a job. If you have no money and no skills, we think, go get some skills. If you have no money and no job and no skills and no desire to find skills, we think, then suffer. We (my wife and I) are honorable caring people. We don't WANT anyone to suffer, but won't prevent them if they so choose. We don't want anyone to be poor. We also don't want anyone to sponge the system. Common sense tells us that there are very few people who have no skills. There are however, some people it seems, with no skills and no desire to learn them, hence welfare. Now, the Bush cuts seem to be something that are worth hanging onto. It seems, with my limited economic training, that more money in the hands of people will do more to turn a recession around than anything else. Why then would the left want them to expire? Perhaps, I believe anyway, it's because the EVIL wealthy people get more from the tax cuts. Interesting isn't it? If a "wealthy" person gets a tenth more money to play with, and a middle class person gets a tenth more to play with, and the poor don't pay taxes in the first place, where's the problem? The problem I suppose is once again, the poor poor people who don't have money or skills. We live in the most fantastic place on earth. Find something to sell (that's legal). Sing on a street corner. For God's sake, panhandle, some of them people make a killing. Keep your hands off the money that I slave my rear off for. Those of you who know me understand that. Create something. Come up with an idea. Poor people can think can't they? There are more than 16 ways to skin a cat. Figure it out. Leave my bank account (under my mattress next to the 9mm in the near future I'm afraid) alone. If the president, the speaker of the house, and the majority leader of the senate fall off a cliff, who is saved? Nobody, the vice president takes over and talks the talking head's talking points.


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