Monday, July 26, 2010

Heifers in heat will stand for anything...

Will you? Will the person you vote for? I was reading an article and trying to decipher the bottom line. Apparently, the bottom line is "Democrats will stand for anything to get them elected". Now that thing is gun rights and the NRA. The NRA is sending more money than ever to democrats, up over three times since W and Gore. That's interesting. I wonder how much research they(the NRA) have done on these fair weather friends. I have a friend that works there. I'll ask. Either way, doesn't it seem that when the times get tough the democrats change their minds to fit their desired base? Don't get me wrong, the Republicans will do the same thing. I just think that given the two choices, you should vote for neither. Libertarians stand for things that aren't popular. They have stood and probably always will stand for them. That's what I want. I want elected officials that will stand for the same things over and over and over. I don't want heifers representing me in Congress. I don't want a heifer in the White House. I especially don't want a heifer in the White House who talks. And, I really don't want a heifer in the White House who tells me that "it could be worse". If you want a heifer to represent you as an elected official, vote for 4250, at least she has nice legs.


PS- Immediately after posting this particular post, I found a clip that says O will be a guest on "The View". No further comment necessary, at least not if you read the title. Maybe next he can appear on the "JOY"ful heifer show.

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