Sunday, July 11, 2010

Racially charged, divisively profiled...

I really don't understand why O is attacking this AZ law. Now Holder is "considering" another charge of racial profiling. Is this for real? How is it possible for a state in this country to be "sued" "attacked" and otherwise defamed for enacting a law that is nearly verbatim federal law? I'm glad they wrote and passed the policy. I wish PA would do it too. Maybe Nutjob Nutter would get tossed out of office. I'm not sure if he was a step up, down or sideways form Street. I suppose that the particular policy enacted in AZ could be considered "racial profiling". But, if they are racially profiling under that law, they had to have been doing it before the new law. The new law still requires officers to have just cause to pull anyone over. The strange new objectionable part is that they now require papers if they fit the racial profile. It's interesting isn't it that affirmative action (a supposedly great thing) requires racial profiling too. I mean, I'm not able to get a scholarship because of affirmative action. It's ok, I didn't need it. I worked my rear off to get what I've got, and I'm not giving it away unless I want to.
I don't mind if someone wants to racially profile me, maybe I'd know exactly what kind of American mutt I am.

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