Monday, July 12, 2010

The opaquest translucence ever...

Is anyone confused? I know I sure am. I thought NASA's mission was the winning of Muslim hearts and minds. Now the WH says no. Interesting isn't it? How many days ago did Charlie tell Al Jazeera of his adminimuslistrations new responsibility? It's been way too many days for the WH to sit and say nothing. Obviously there has been some fallout because of Charlie's statements. Now, we're watching the play by play unfold via the WH as if Charlie never opened his mouth. Wasn't BO the guy who would let us in? He was the guy that told us he'd not hide things. I think he lied. So, Bush lied, troops died. What happens when O lies? He does it so much more often. I'm afraid. Maybe citizens die when O lies. Just tell us the damn truth. Better yet, don't do anything we didn't approve beforehand, then it won't ever be a surprise. People generally don't like surprises much when their own money was used to fund them. Stop O now.

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